"From Our Pastures to Your Plate"
"From Our Pastures to Your Plate"

Our Heritage Turkeys

Heritage turkeys are the traditional breeds of turkeys historically raised on the homestead for holiday feasts. We are raising Bourbon Reds, a beautiful brownish-red bird that is known for its flavorful meat.  For those who are looking for a slightly larger bird, we are also raising Bronze turkeys. 

Bourbon Reds & Bronze Turkeys

These birds are much different than the more common big double-breasted commercial white turkeys. They are slower growing, and take much longer to raise out than the hot-house breeds (28 wks vs. 16 wks), but that's what contributes to the superb quality.

The meat of these pastured birds is darker and more flavorful than the bland conventional grain-fed turkeys. They don't need to be "injected with a brine solution to give them flavor."

You'll find Heritage turkeys are smaller than commercial breeds, which makes them perfect for foraging around the pasture. They have longer legs and thinner breasts, and these turkeys can actually fly! We raise them in a "turkey-tractor" style coop that is moved to fresh grass everyday, and allows the birds to do what they do naturally, eating grass and scratching for bugs, in the fresh air, while protecting them from predators.

As always, no antibiotics and no hormones!


Turkey order forms are distributed to our email list in September. We welcome you to join our growing email list, so you can automatically receive order forms every time we have animals ready to go. 

  • You must be able to pick up your order at the farm. We do not ship meat.
  • All orders must be picked up on the appointed pickup day (monday before Thanksgiving). We do not store meat at the farm.
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