"From Our Pastures to Your Plate"
"From Our Pastures to Your Plate"

From our pastures to your plate, our beef provides a healthy and delicious eating experience.

Why is our beef so special?

  • Our beef is all natural. We do not use antibiotics or hormones in our animals.
  • Our beef is pasture-raised. We do not confine our streers to finish them out; they spend their lifetime rotationally grazing our lush grass and clover pastures the way they were intended. A small amount of grain is supplemented to achieve the right degree of marbling and ensure a pleasant eating experience. During the winter months, the cattle continue to browse the pastures and are supplemented with our home grown hay.
  • Our animals are raised sustainably. All the nutrients from the manure are recycled back into the soil. The cattle do the majority of the work, spreading nutrients for the next crop of grass as they graze. Manure from winter feeding areas is also spread back on the pastures and hay fields.
  • Our animals are treated humanely in a low stress environment. Not only do the cattle remain calmer (and are therefore easier to handle), it results in a more tender final product.
  • Our beef is high quality Angus. Our purebred Angus breeding program selects for superior carcass traits in our animals, ensuring a high degree of marbling and tenderness.
  • Our beef is fresh. Our animals are brought directly from the farm to the butcher, who will custom cut the beef to your specifications. The meat is then brought back to the farm for you to pick up.
  • Our beef is naturally dry aged. Beef carcasses are hung for at least two weeks to dry-age (to achieve the best flavor and tenderness). It is not wet-aged in a cryovac bag in a box on the way to the supermarket. No artificial tenderizers or electric stimulation need to be added. We do it the right way: dry-aging.

Custom cutting

Beef purchased as quarters, sides, or whole is custom cut by the butcher to your specifications. Pricing is based on hanging carcass weight, allowing you full flexibility in how to have it cut. all cuts will be labeled and frozen in individual packages, as directed by you.

For those customers looking for a smaller quantity, we also offer an Angus Sampler Pack, which consists of 40lbs of a good variety of 1/3 steaks, 1/3 roasts, and 1/3 ground beef. If you need additional ground beef to supplement your order, we offer a Ground Beef Unit, which has forty 1lb packages of ground beef.

New for 2018!!! Farm store!!!

Our little FARM STORE is now open every Friday 1-5 PM and Saturday 9AM-noon!  Don't have the freezer space for a bulk order?  You can now purchase all our delicious meats in individual retail packages!  Come by and check it out!


Order forms are sent out to our email list every 2 months or can be download here. We welcome you to go to our homepage and join our growing email list, so you'll automatically receive the order forms each time animals are ready to go.

  • You must be able to pick up your order at the farm.  We do not ship meat.
  • All orders must be picked up on the appointed pickup day. We do not store meat at the farm
  • All orders must be accompanied by cutting instructions, or the butcher will do a standard cut.
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